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Pussy Cat

A former cocaine-addicted teenager returns home to clean up his life, only to meet a human/cat hybrid who tries her best to drive him off the deep end.

Brother and Sister

When a nuclear war breaks out, two estranged siblings find themselves alone in a fallout shelter and must put aside their differences in order to survive.


When a preteen girl falls into a coma, she finds herself trapped in a freakish nightmare. Now she must survive the horrors and conquer her inner fears or else she will never wake up.

Chopped Liver

An anxious teenage girl trying to make ends meet in an urban city suddenly gets targeted in her ex-boyfriend's harassment campaign on social media, which slowly bleeds into real life.

The Quiet Box

A claustrophobic young woman finds herself trapped in a large, confined box and must figure out its mystery without giving in to the madness.


A young transgender woman visits her roommate's openly religious parents for spring break, only to discover an unworldly yet sinister secret behind their belief system.


Two friends start their own podcast to make a living, but negative attention and creative differences threaten to destroy their show and tear their friendship apart.

Eternal Silence

When an Internet skeptic sets out to make a video debunking the myth surrounding the "Statue of Death," she ends up experiencing its folklore by constantly seeing visions of her own death.


When sorority sisters discover a "cursed" video-board game, what should have been a fun romp turns into a deadly game of survival as a sinister poltergeist is unleashed.

Ruffled Feathers

To fulfill her father's dying wishes, a college girl and her hardcore vegan roommate attempt to catch an ultra-fast cuckoo bird, only for it to outsmart them at every turn.

Dark Carnival

Three bigoted sisters are invited to proselytize at a mysterious fair, only to get more than what they bargained for...

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

After surviving a traumatic event, a middle schooler discovers that the perpetrator is still out there and his motives are not what they appear to be.

Serpent in Paradise

After finding out that her supposed lover is with another woman, a mentally unstable lesbian intervenes with their tropical vacation in hopes of tearing the relationship apart.

Eddie the Alligator

A maniac in an alligator suit wreaks bloody havoc during the taping of a low-budget children's show.


After having a freak encounter with a mysterious creature, a tween reporter goes to great lengths to prove its existence.


An insecure singer contemplates her self-worth or lack thereof as she prepares for a concert in Tbilisi.

Rodrick the Blah

When an attention-seeking wolf puppet and his faithful companion's scheme to hijack a Twitch stream fails, they find themselves trapped in a space video game where they must stop an alien invasion.

Mark of the Beast

After a nightmarish encounter with a Satanist, a Christian teenage girl develops an obsession with the number of the beast so intense that it slowly takes control of her life and threatens to tear her family apart.



An uber goth teenager faces her greatest fear... dinner with her normal family.


Told by a girl's plush animals, a twenty-something rat tries to hide his disbelief from his deeply religious family.

Treat, Not Trick

A grumpy man learns a hard lesson when he neglects the Halloween spirit.

(Scripts available upon request.)

Black Lamb Studios is a founding member of the Gizmoplex!


After their film gets shut down, three actresses venture out to Florida to track down an independent filmmaker who one of them thinks can salvage their production.

The Art Project

When a young artist heads into an underground bunker in Bosnia to produce a piece, her haunted mind threatens to derail the process and she must fight the horrors to complete her work.

And more!

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